Canada's Outstanding Principals™ 2017

There are many excellent principals leading publicly funded schools across Canada who do their jobs very well, ensuring that all students in their school achieve success is the main focus of their efforts as they provide strong leadership in their school and community. They are visionary in effectively preparing students for success after education and they provide safe, respectful and nurturing learning environments for all students and staff.

Please note that it is up to the Lead Nominator to ensure that the submitted package clearly and thoroughly articulates how the nominated principal is truly outstanding as opposed to being a school leader who is simply doing a very good job.

To prepare for nominating a Principal, the Lead Nominator will need the following:

  1. Information on the nominee (email, phone, school and school address, school board CEO name and contact information, and professional history).
  2. Detailed information on the nominee as it applies to how they are OUTSTANDING in the following categories:
    • Student achievement
    • Innovative leadership
    • Instructional leadership
    • Professional learning
    • Family & community partnership
    • Personal growth
  3. Three different letters of support, one from each of the following three categories:
    • Colleague
    • School Board Administrator/School Board CEO
    • Parent or School Council Member/ Community Leader/ Clergy/ Student

Note that you will have the ability to include Contributing Nominators. If you do so, in order for them to access the online nomination form, you will need the following information for each Contributing Nominator:

  • Full name
  • Email address

Each application page will accept answers from only one user.

Also note that once you start to complete the nomination package, here, online it can and will be saved until you click the "submit nomination" button. Lead Nominator, and any Contributing Nominators who are listed, will be able to access the form as often as needed.
However, all nominations must be completed and submitted by midnight on October 31, 2017. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. Nominations will NOT be accepted by mail. We also recommend that you submit earlier than October 31.


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